There are two choices left for businesses in the new world: adapt or die. The world is changing so fast nowadays that it would be a grave mistake to remain adamant about the old ways. Traditional marketing will soon expire in the digital age. It’s time to keep up or become irrelevant to your consumers. 

Adjusting to the modern era is tedious because it requires meticulous research and preparation. It also doesn’t come cheap since business technology transformation may cost millions of dollars. However, the price for failure to keep up with the competition is even higher. You may lose your customers, revenue, and even the market share you used to have. There are lots of other businesses out there who have the same products and services as you do. And they can deliver it faster and better if you don’t improve your current processes. Small businesses have a lot more to lose when they don’t invest in technology.

I started Wyntec because I had a vision that the future will be digital. Ten years later, that future doesn’t seem so far off. The pandemic even hit us, but we almost didn’t feel it because the principles of remote work, business technology, and digitalisation have long been embedded in our team. 

Case Studies Of Business Transformation In Australia

Other businesses in Australia are also experiencing the benefits of digital transformation.

1. Archer Locksmiths

Archer Locksmiths, a family business located in Sydney has finally moved to a digital system after 40 years of operation. They were working on a paper system and they wanted a more efficient system with better access to the required job information like inventory and receipts. With the right advice, support, and training, their transition became easier, faster and saved them from hours of admin tasks and stacks of paper. 

2. Earthtrack

A similar problem plagued Earthtrack, a market leader in solar and LED light solutions. They were still relying on manual and paper-based processes for accounting, warehouse and customer management. As such, they implemented CRM (customer relationship management) system and moved from paper-based customer lead sheets to a centralised database. They also executed a warehouse management system with marketing automation software and a B2B e-commerce platform. All of which helped save thousands of dollars in time as well as labour-intensive practices.

3. MummActiv

MummActiv is also one of the businesses that benefited from the assistance of digital technology. Joanne Shepherd, the founder, has been able to run her business remotely so that she can stay at home to take care of her kids. MummActiv is a pregnancy and nursing activewear and swimwear line based in Australia. It has clients and warehouses in the US and UK. A digital marketing strategy focused on a target niche helped increase Joanne’s market and website traffic. Moreover, using digital tools helped her bring her sketches to life to create affordable yet high-quality designs that are both fashionable and functional.

The Takeaway

These are only some of the Australian businesses that benefitted from digital transformation. Investing in technology is an investment, and small businesses can benefit from it the most. After all, digital transformation is not just about devices and software. It’s about organisational change through the use of digital technologies.