I was just a kid during the First Australian Recession, and I did not own a business way back during the Great Financial Crisis of 2007, so this is my first time experiencing something like an economic dive.  This “Great Lockdown” is a challenging time, especially for business owners like me, who are relatively new to this kind of experience.

And I fear It will only get harder.

Business is full of ups and downs. It’s not always good, and yet it’s manageable. Somehow, along the way, you’ll learn of the best possible solution and gain control of the situation again. But this pandemic is clearly something not within the bounds of human command. Yes, we can prevent it from spreading. We can restrict it. However, it’s ultimately a hurricane of its own, and we’re mere victims of its disastrous effects. The current events that have transpired made me rethink everything I’ve ever learned.

The pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of life, both business and personal. It’s a time for business owners to knuckle down and find out what it is they really love to do because that is one of the things that’s going to get you through this. If you’re only motivated by money or the reputation, then this crisis will strip you of your core. You will lose your drive because times are tough, and it’s still going to be tough after this. Enduring is only half the battle. We still need to recover after this. And recovery? Can you imagine what kind of war that would be? So, if you don’t like your business, if you don’t like what you are doing or how it is running, then I’m telling you, now more than ever, this is going to be hard.

The upside – renewed focus

These are unprecedented times, and I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on and what’s going to happen. We’re all veiled with the same blanket of uncertainty.  But life has to go on, and you have to make the most of it.

I know for myself that I’m actually starting to find the groove of the new adjustments despite the constant pressures of business and supporting my family and supporting my team and their families as well. We are not going anywhere. We’re staying. This “hurricane” will not uproot us.

We’re working from home and not running around with nowhere as a goal. Being busy has been quite good. It’s no holiday, and it’s hard, but surprisingly I’m eating better, and I’m exercising more. I can’t say I’m sleeping better since the pressure is still there. But, all in all,  I am finding time and space to focus on what we do as a business.

I am getting a clearer perspective on what it is I want to do and what the business should be doing. It requires some pivoting, but technology underpins just about every aspect of the company, so ensuring what we are doing is better than anyone else is a key driver. This time away from the noise of the office and the general business is giving me the space I need to think and innovate.

This Great Lockdown is tough, but I’m reminded of how technology can make it not so. And if we, as a business community, can learn all the right lessons from this pandemic, then the next pandemic (I’m sure it will come) won’t be as hard as this one.